A Theory of Ice and Fire: White Walkers and The Wights.

Welcome to my first ever post about Game of Thrones. I would like to point out that if you aren’t caught up with the series (up to season 6), there will be a few spoilers here and there. I would also like to point out that my analysis is primarily based on the HBO series, and not on “A Song of Ice and Fire”, so excuse me if I interpret something a little differently.

For starters, I will be showing you my personal analysis of why the Night’s King is back with the Army of the Dead, and a little information about the Wights and White Walkers in general.


The White Walkers (also referred to in “A Song of Ice and Fire” as the Others) were first made by the Children of the Forest. As seen in Bran Stark’s vision with Bloodraven, the Children of the Forest captured one of the First Men and stuck a dragonglass dagger into his heart, turning him into a Wight. It is said that the first Wight they made became the Night’s King. The Children of the Forest actually made the wight to defend themselves and the sacred Weirwood trees  from the savage First Men.

According to George RR Martin, author of  “A Song of Ice and Fire”, the Wights speak in a language called Skroth. It sounds like the cracking of ice.

First encounter with the Wights

In “A Song of Ice and Fire” and in the HBO series, we know of the White Walkers at the very beginning of the story. Three Night’s Watch rangers, Waymar Royce, Will and Gared, are on an expedition beyond The Wall. Gared patrols the area to find dead bodies lined up into a shape (presumably a sigil, but I personally haven’t seen it in the series other than that one time). He informs Waymar and Will that they need to return to The Wall, but rather than believe him, Waymar threatens him with the law (that Night’s Watch deserters are sentenced to death). They continue the patrol only to encounter the Wights a few moments later. Waymar and Will are killed, and Gared manages to escape and flee south of The Wall. Gared informs Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North, of the encounter, but he is beheaded as a deserter anyways.


We know from a few episodes in the series that the Wights are vulnerable to Dragonglass and cannot induce their magic powers onto Valyrian Steel. It was also stated by Samwell Tarly that Dragonglass and Dragonsteel were the only things helpful in battle against the White Walkers, according to old scripts he read.

The Theories

The Night’s King and the Night’s Watch

Some of the details in “A Song of Ice and Fire” suggest that the Night’s King is actually the 13th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. His headquarters was in Nightfall Castle, the first castle to be built at The Wall. It was said that the Night’s King claimed that name as ruler of Nightfort. He fell in love with a woman with pale white skin and eyes as blue as the stars. She was believed to be a Wight. After he married that woman, he gave her his soul and became a Wight as well. He ruled ruthlessly until Brandon the Breaker and the King beyond The Wall put an end to his reign, freeing the Night’s Watch.

This story suggests that if this is true, the Night’s King might be seeking revenge against the Night’s Watch for not abiding by his rule. In consequence, he would also be seeking revenge against house Stark, since Brandon the Breaker was a Stark. This explains the Night’s King’s fascination with Bran Stark and Bloodraven, who was ex-Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.

The Night’s King and House Stark

In the first season of the HBO series, Eddard Stark talks about “Bran the Builder” to Arya Stark. Brandon the Builder was the man who founded House Stark and built Winterfell. He also had a hand in building The Wall, along with the First Men and the Children of the Forest. As the YouTube channel “Game of Theories” stated, it is plausible that most of the Children of the Forest fled south of The Wall and are currently protecting Weirwood trees in Westeros. As we know, the Night’s King might have been made by the Children of the Forest. The Night’s King was, at first, one of the First Men, a human being with a real life. He might be after the Children of the Forest to annihilate them for taking his life away (considering that he now lives an eternal but meaningless life).

House Stark has been historically the first line of defense of the North in Westeros. By building The Wall, Brandon the Builder ensured that the First Men were safe from the Wights, and that the Land of Always Winter was separated from the Seven Kingdoms. Thousands of years later, the Night’s King seeks revenge against the Children of the Forest (who mostly might be south of The Wall) and the people who helped them escape the Wights’ wrath (Brandon the Builder). This might be another explanation as to why the Night’s King is fascinated by Bran Stark and  Jon Snow (during the massacre of Hardhome).

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my insight about this topic. If you have any suggestions for topics I should research or give my personal opinion on concerning Game of Thrones, leave them in the comments of this post. Valar Morghulis.


A new phase.

Welcome back, Chris. It’s been a while since you got off your lazy ass and started writing again. I wanted to share part of what is going on in my mind these days, how my logic is functioning and how I’m putting it to use in my life.

For the few people who don’t already know, I have an unreal love for mathematics. Last year, I was an engineering student. Today  I’m a maths major and I honestly couldn’t be any happier with my new major. My point is, look for what you love and do it, no matter the obstacles. It’s your personal satisfaction that is more important, not anyone else’s.

Another important decision I made a while back is to keep my personal life to myself. It’s hard when you voluntarily dismiss the opportunity to open up to someone, but it pays off quickly. Comming from a very sensitive person, keeping your personal life to yourself is harder than it seems. I’ve made a choice of the people I’d open up to only when I’m about to snap, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made so far. It has rendered me more stable around my many social groups and when I’m alone by myself, believe it or not.

While I’m on the topic of keeping things to myself, a very important thing I’m keeping to myself is the music I write. I’ve noticed that once I share some of the music I write, I discover all the flaws of it (the ones that I personally consider flaws) and i start disliking it to the point where I give up on my projects. By not sharing, I started writing more songs, ones that I enjoy more than anthing I’ve written in a long while. Also, whenever I find something I dislike about my songs, I can change them and nobody has to know of m mistakes/bad ideas unless I inform them. My confidence in playing guitar has never been higher.

Well that was a little anecdote from my life the past few months. I hope this helps someone take a right decision.Until the next time!

Stay awesome and Keep Blogging!

– Chris K.

An insight. (28/8/2016)

on a cold summer night, i hit the woods

to disconnect for a little while

when i threw away all the goods

and i let my thoughts fly

some good music was playing with the sound of nature

i cant hear but the sound of silence

i hear my own thoughts again, after a long break

i try to stay grounded but im lightheaded

im flying away to the sound of crickets and bats

i look to the ground to see my shadow

then i look up to see people wandering just as i was

i can feel a happy vibe, it just isn’t with me yet

i will make it mine someday, i will be the person i want to be happy.

The Sound of Silence.

Sometimes, I feel that I just need a break from the world. I feel that I just want to give up on myself and let myself go.

I still have the darkest of thoughts every now and then. I will not stop them from haunting me anytime soon. They’ve become a part of who I am.

Every once in a while, I grab my guitar and I start strumming. I think to myself “Wow. This might make someone happy.” But then I remember that I’m still not on a headlining tour. I proceed to record whatever I was playing, hoping to get something out of it.

That one time, one of the people I sent one of my recordings to replied with “you just made me the happiest person on earth.” I teared up that night. At that point, the fire I put off was ignited again.

But then again, I still love to be alone. I will remain silent if I’m not at ease. I will stop interacting with any other human if I feel nervous. The only thing I would be focusing on would be my empty mind.

Wind of Change


This post is more of a reflection upon myself more than it is to generalize an idea for everyone. This is purely my own thought and my own reflection that I wanted to share on my blog, Against the Chris K. I also started with this blog post a while ago and I just got the chance to finish it off.


Well, I’ve been through a lot in the past few months and I would love to talk about the main thing that occurred to me. In general I have transformed into someone different, someone with different interests than staying up all night to talk to friends. I stopped caring about people’s opinions or their analysis of my actions with them, while some of these people where actually changing in a way that I didn’t even feel any difference while talking to them. It kept the same vibe and the same overall mood between me and many people. Now, enough blabbering. What DID change in me?

Let’s start off with the obvious one; I started my college life. As an only child who is somewhat an introvert, it is kind of tough to kick start a smooth first year in college. I’m coping with it as much as I can but it still isn’t the best I can do. Other than that, coming from a modest family with savings that are just the right amount, tuition fees are a real pain in the ass. I’m not working and paying off my tuition fees on my own, but I can feel my parents’ pain when I tell them that my college posted my payment slip and the deadline is in a few weeks. I’ve become more conscious of my spending of money and I am trying to save as much as I can to just feel like I’m helping my parents out in some way.

Next up; not being sure about my future. Now, I’m pretty sure I won’t use my degree (it’s an engineering degree, call me crazy), but honestly I’m really into engineering because I have a love for Mathematics and physics in general (mostly mathematics). What I REALLY want to do for the rest of my life is play and write music for people to enjoy.  Coming from a very uptight background and a very strict community which believes that ‘if you’re not a doctor, engineer, lawyer or architect, you will be jobless and live a miserable life’, it’s very tough to tell your parents that. I honestly think that this is complete BS because one is miserable only when they’re doing something knowing their efforts are in vain. If you can’t do what you feel most comfortable doing, then what’s the point of it? Okay sure, I love solving differential equations and finding if a series converges or diverges. But I don’t see myself doing that years from now. I see myself hugging fans and playing some good music to people who would sing back to me the lyrics I put from my own heart.

And as stated previously, I’m an introvert. I have an undying fear of rejection and of not fitting in. I’m not good with talking to people I never chilled with before (it sounds confusing but really it’s very simple). I would rather stay aside and not talk to anyone rather than socialize with a random person. I hate crowded places. I’m overall not good with people I don’t know (or barely know). It’s hard for me personally to get out of my comfort zone (although compared to previous years, I’ve improved greatly when it comes socializing). Being in a place where I know absolutely nobody will be a place that I utterly hate. Now, don’t get me wrong. I made friends in college, but we don’t have the exact same schedules so I barely see them. I’m working on bettering my social skills but this will take a long time to get to.

That’s all for now. Stay awesome and Keep Blogging!

-Chris K.

Songs – Against the Current

This is something new I’m trying to do. I’m going to talk about songs on my music player/phone and how I made them my jams. Now, I’m going to use songs by a single band/artist for every post like this (that is if I keep up with blogging, I’m so lazy). Here we go!



Alright so I’m going to discuss my favorite Against the Current songs. I personally have a very special bond with Against the Current’s songs. Their songs (all of them) helped me go through some of the toughest times and the most annoying situations you could ever imagine. That is other than the fact that their lyrics are full of emotion regardless. Give them a listen, it’s worth it.

Now for the real deal. I’ll start talking about my favorites.

Infinity (2014)

If you already have an idea of who ATC are,  you probably already heard Infinity. This song makes me feel pumped (yes it does, judge me). I’ve had some good memories with this song, as well as very bad memories. Overall, it just tells you to take a chance when you can because you might never get another chance.

Another You (Another Way) (2014)

Here’s to one of my favorite break-up songs ever. It’s literally is about finding another person to replace the one who just gave up all the great memories and the little things. It says “The last thing I ever wanted to do is to say goodbye to you.” Pretty self-explanatory. Disregarding the fact that it reminds me of some bad times, I still recommend you listen to this song when you’re in a harsh break-up situation. (In case you are, it’ll be alright. You’ll get through it <3.)

Something You Need (2014)

Something You Need is a song telling someone who loves you that you never thought you’d mean so much to them. I’ll leave it at this, listen for yourself (I highly recommend you listen to the acoustic version first).

Gravity (2015)

So Gravity is, I presume, another break-up song. In perspective, it can be a song for any situation similar to a break-up. It’s one of the ATC songs with a melodic hook and a drum rhythm that’ll make you want to air drum along with Will.

Brighter (2015)

Brighter is basically the type of song that will give you goosebumps. It’s a song on how you should shine in your world with what you do best. Whenever you’re feeling down, upset, hopeless, or just overall sad, remember that you don’t need a reason to set the world on fire and burn a little bit brighter now.

Outsiders (2015)

Outsiders is ATC’s new single (not so new but you get the idea). It’s about how we shouldn’t be scared to be different. We might be the only ones doing whatever we love, but we are free that way. Nothing can stop you when you love what you’re doing. “Outside, we’re lonely but we are free.”


And that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed reading through my boring song analysis. Stay awesome and keep blogging!


This idea was inspired by fellow blogger and friend, Reflections. Check out her posts, it’s definitely worth procrastinating.

Pet Peeves.

I have to write this post because it’s been bugging me for a while now. The “Things that annoy me” list isn’t all that long, but whatever is on it is seriously annoying to me. Here are some of the things I personally find annoying and sometimes irritating.

Musicians with out-of-tune instruments

This is one of my pet peeves because I, myself, am a musician. Nothing irritates me more than my guitar being off-key or out of tune. Tuning instruments in certain ways was used to simplify and make the instrument easier to play. It also adds discipline to how a musician maintains his/her sound and keeps up with the band/orchestra as a whole. A guitarist can definitely play a killer guitar solo with an unorthodox tuning, but only if the rest of the band tunes the instruments in the same unorthodox manner, which renders then instruments “in tune”. There is no escape from maintaining an instrument to keep it in tune for the longest amount of time.


Ah, the hypocrites. Don’t you find it amusing when someone tells you not to smoke because it’s bad for you, while holding a lit cigarette in their hand? I used this as a rough example, this is literally all coming off the top of my head. Hypocrites are all over the place in modern society. Modern social networking help the hypocrites keep their identities intact by allowing them to be people they aren’t on the web. I mean sure, you’re against racism, but are you really not racist? Why are you leaving hate comments and rude statements on people’s content solely based on race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.? Well, yeah this isn’t your legal name on that account, but it’s still you willingly posting the comments. Damn it, society. Get your shit together.

Clingy People

Clingy people probably win the “Most Annoying Person/Thing” award. Sure thing, man, I’m here to help and I would ask you for help if i ever needed it, but you really don’t have to follow my every single step. I really appreciate that you care and all, but I really don’t need all of the attention. I can live life without you having to check up on me every 10 minutes, reply to my tweets (every single one of them), comment and like all my Facebook posts, or even you being all up in my personal space when we meet in a public place, and please for the love of all that is good and beautiful in this world, don’t ask me to notice your posts on social media. If i was active after your post, I talked to you shortly after I was active, and didn’t notice the post, it’s probably because the post didn’t really get to me (or I genuinely didn’t notice your post, and for that I am sorry). I am not a new-born baby, I am not a little kid learning how to walk. I can get my stuff done alone perfectly, thanks for the effort.


Now these were my worst pet peeves. I hope you enjoyed reading my rant, and as always, Stay Awesome and Keep Blogging!

– Chris K.