A new phase.

Welcome back, Chris. It’s been a while since you got off your lazy ass and started writing again. I wanted to share part of what is going on in my mind these days, how my logic is functioning and how I’m putting it to use in my life.

For the few people who don’t already know, I have an unreal love for mathematics. Last year, I was an engineering student. Today  I’m a maths major and I honestly couldn’t be any happier with my new major. My point is, look for what you love and do it, no matter the obstacles. It’s your personal satisfaction that is more important, not anyone else’s.

Another important decision I made a while back is to keep my personal life to myself. It’s hard when you voluntarily dismiss the opportunity to open up to someone, but it pays off quickly. Comming from a very sensitive person, keeping your personal life to yourself is harder than it seems. I’ve made a choice of the people I’d open up to only when I’m about to snap, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made so far. It has rendered me more stable around my many social groups and when I’m alone by myself, believe it or not.

While I’m on the topic of keeping things to myself, a very important thing I’m keeping to myself is the music I write. I’ve noticed that once I share some of the music I write, I discover all the flaws of it (the ones that I personally consider flaws) and i start disliking it to the point where I give up on my projects. By not sharing, I started writing more songs, ones that I enjoy more than anthing I’ve written in a long while. Also, whenever I find something I dislike about my songs, I can change them and nobody has to know of m mistakes/bad ideas unless I inform them. My confidence in playing guitar has never been higher.

Well that was a little anecdote from my life the past few months. I hope this helps someone take a right decision.Until the next time!

Stay awesome and Keep Blogging!

– Chris K.


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