The meaning of life

I already said that i was going to make a video about the meaning of life (shameless self-promo in 3… 2… 1…) on my YouTube channel (link at the bottom of the post). Well I guess I’ll write a blog about it instead.

Some definitions of life state that you have to just eat, sleep and work until you are just dead flesh. Other people think that life is all about being successful, i.e. being famous, having a lot of money, being respected (or feared, both are prefered equally). Others think that breathing is life, and performing other activities is just a plus to life.

Well put all these definitions together, you’ll get a somewhat “perfect” life. I mean, you’re rich, famous, respected and you worked for all of it. It should be enough for a life, right (?)

Not really. A very important part of life is missing. Whoever the person is, even if they have the money to buy a star and place it in thier back yard (i know it’s not logical, physically speaking), does it make this person happy ? Not necessarily.

I know, riding a Porsche is definitely more comfy than riding a Kia, using a MacBook pro is smoother than using a typical Windows computer, and even playing a Gibson guitar is more badass than playing a regular strat design from a local music store. But what if this Kia, or this Windows PC and this cheap-ass guitar makes the owner very happy? What if all someone needs is a few strums one the guitar everyday just to let out some energy? Isnt this person doing what makes him  (or her) happy? Yes, this person is.

The whole point of life is to be happy. All the rest will come as a bonus for everything you already have. If you’re doing what makes you happy, you will get to places you will never dream of reaching. Just stay happy and you will do just fine.

Now the self-promo. I make YouTube videos for fun. I sing, play the guitar and i VLog. Check out my channel, i would really appreciate it! 

– Chris K.


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