Crazy actions

Yesterday, most of my promotion classmates decided to escape from our division’s building to the football (soccer) field in our school.
As a result, the people who were part of this got suspended today and may be subject to severe penalties, ones that may include not graduating for some students.
Well, i was the goodie two shoes, or in some people’s opinion “a pussy”. To be honest, I feel bad for my classmates, but this isnt a reason for me to do something against school regulations.
This is where consciousness comes in. When is an action acceptable, and when is it not? In our case, we knew very well that measures will be taken by our administration, yet some of us decided to continue with it anyways “because it is our last year of school”. How about on your last year of school you end up NOT GRADUATING because you wanted to do something crazy? I know im being extreme, but just imagine yourself spending 15 years with a second family, and you end up staying in your old home when they’re all moving to a new and better one. Probably not a pleasant feeling.
Some people consider acts of craziness as a catharsis, but do you really need this catharsis? Most of the times, you don’t have to go crazy to let out excess energy.
Think of your actions before you do them, don’t be passive.

– Chris K.


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