Lyrics and Philosophy

Many of my classmates notice me writing down some lyrics during philosophy period. It’s not that i dont like philosophy. It’s just that lyrics express my point of view better than plain text.
Considering what my teacher tells us (that philosophy is a way of thinking and not static material), i prefer to write down my lyrics during philosophy periods, inspired by the specific lesson or topic we’d be discussing.
Point of this anecdote is that you should have your own philosophy i.e. your own ideas and your own way of expression. If it’s through public talks, then do so. If it’s through music, do that. All that matters is that you express yourself and let the world know how you think.
It doesnt really matter when people tell you your opinion doesnt matter. Every single word that comes out of your beautiful mind can affect the world in some way.
Don’t be afraid of expressing, one day you’re going to pass away with all your ideas. Make them matter.

– Chris K.


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