Music Tastes and Opinions

Music speaks when words fail

Music is one of the very few things that are able to entirely stimulate a human brain. A person’s taste in music can tell a whole story about the person, without the person actually talking about it.

And as we all know, each person prefers a different genre of music. And this genre will tell you something about this person, despite the fact that some people *like myself* have a very large variety of genres on their music players. Even this seemingly bipolar taste in music, in my case pop-punk and heavy metal, can give people an idea of my life at the moment.

And as much as people tell me that my music taste isn’t a good one, or is stupid, I don’t really give a damn about it. If I’m glad with my music, I wont change it because people told me it’s “bad”.

Society has this idea that everyone should like the music that comes up on the radio, usually having very erotic lyrics. I personally don’t like this genre of music, just don’t tell me my taste is stupid because it doesn’t talk about ass and tits. People must learn that different people have different tastes in music, and do not necessarily have to be a carbon copy of what is on the radio.

Whatever music you like, just sit back and enjoy it, because it’s the best way to feel better with yourself and with others. If the lyrics relate to your life, enjoy them. If the music describe an emotion you felt or are feeling at the moment, let it describe your feelings. If it tells you a story about a life situation, learn from it. If it’s all about booty, laugh your ass off to it. It doesn’t matter at all if you’re happy while listening to your music.

A Buried Opinion‘s idea. Thanks!
– Chris K.


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