Socially Awkward

I’m about as awkward as a penguin in a flock of chicken

Yeah, many of the teenagers of our day are socially awkward. What is even cooler is that the kids who are socially awkward are often bullied for it and treated like trash because of it. I can’t see where this could possibly go wrong.

If you bully that kid who doesn’t talk to anyone during breaks, would it make his problem any better? Would that help him feel that other people care about him? Would that encourage him to make new friends and start talking to new people? Would that make him feel loved?

When you push this “weird” kid to resort to self harm, and then say that he’s seeking attention, don’t you think the razor blade is giving him a little too much attention because you’re not?

Don’t you see that you are forcing people to develop a psychological problem they can never resolve without the help of others?

How would it feel if you were bullied because you stutter while talking? Or because of the way your hands tremble when you stand in front of an acquaintance? Or because of the way you try to avoid eye contact with people you don’t know?

It would be funny, wouldn’t it be?

To every person who got bullied because of the way they dress, the way they look, or the things they do, I feel you, and I Love You.

– Chris K.


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