Bands and my life

Yes, this might be a cliché topic. But bands surely taught me things no teacher can teach.
When you go to school, they teach you how to solve an equation to find X, how to respect rules, how to become “successful”. But you know what they don’t teach you? They don’t teach you how to be happy. They don’t teach you how to make other people happy.
You know the feeling of watching your favorite band perform live? I personally havent been to many concerts, but I can tell you that the ones I went to made me feel happy.
My obsession over Against the Current and All Time Low didn’t just come down from the skies and hit me on the head. The way the band members interact with their fans makes them so awesome, they dont even have to try to make people happy. It just comes naturally with their own personalities.
Can school teach you how to be happy the way you favorite band can? I bet you not.
Don’t be embarrased that you like bands. You are just as happy as that tool who just got an iPhone 6+, maybe even more because your favorite band doesn’t come in different colors.
I know i went off-topic right now, but the point is that bands saved me stress, and they taught me that there is more to life than just being “successful”.

– Chris K.


5 thoughts on “Bands and my life

  1. Are bands your most important source of happiness? Or is there a more profound message or hobby that makes you feel contrite?


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